Rohit Aggarwal

March 11, 2006

OPML Podcast

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Mr. Alex Barnett’s podcast on OPML.

 Following are the details:


  • Intros
  • On the Dave Winer’s announcement of the OPML 2.0 Draft – Good? bad? ugly?
  • Data types within OPML (08:30)
  • Namespaces in OPML (11:30)
  • Attention, Attention.xml, namespaces and OPML (13:30)
  • David on Adam, Adam on OPML and Annotated Reading Lists (19:45)
  • Structured data within OPML, , Grazr, and Microsoft with OPML (24:15)
  • OPML Tools: Bitty Browser, Grazr mini, Optimal OPML Browser, OPod and OPML Renderer (30:00)
  • My Bio as an Outline, The Software I Use and Declarative Living (34:30)
  • OPML, Structured Blogging and Microformats and Namespaces aren’t mutually exclusive (36:45)
  • What are biggest problems are technologies solving? (42:45)
  • Michael Arrington‘s Edgeio, structured blogging, my data and distributed data (45:00)
  • OPML Camp and who’s coming (54:30)…”
  • Rohit Aggarwal


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