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September 1, 2006

Syllabus and things to remember for class BADM 260-002

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This is the syllabus for the class-syllabus-for-badm-260.doc

Things to remember:

1) Vista site:

2) Quizzes are graded and online: I will send you the reminder but you should mark the dates. You need to log into Vista to take your quiz.

3) Projects are not graded: You are not required to turn in projects but I strongly suggest to do them, otherwise you may run into trouble in your practical exam.

4) Office Hours: 4-5 PM on Tuesday and Thursday- Busn 407

If you have any trouble or any questions then make sure to see in office hours. Since this is an online course, I can help you only if you come to see me.

5) Exams are in class:

Midterm Exam:- Multiple choice questions, True/False, Short answer questions

End term Exam (Written):- Multiple choice questions, True/False, Short answer questions

End term Exam (Practical):- A project in Microsoft Office 2003

If you have any problem in IT and networked economy book then you are advised to let me know the page number and problem before coming to me. In this way, I can prepare some illustrations (examples of business applications) to address your questions better.

 Rohit Aggarwal


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  1. Rohit,
    This is too much work. You must remember that this is not a 10 credit hours class. For god sake REDUCE THE WORK LOAD !!

    Comment by cool dude — December 20, 2006 @ 9:42 pm | Reply

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