Rohit Aggarwal

October 11, 2006

Concerns in the purchase of a Tablet

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I got my Gateway Tablet 10 months back and I am a very satisfied user of it. Before purchasing the tablet I was having few concerns:

1) How precisely can I write on a tablet?

I was in habit of writing really small to fit maximum stuff on a piece of paper. Before tablet, the only experience I had writing with stylus was on a PDA and I was never happy with it. The above question was my biggest concern and therefore I placed this query on tabletpcreview forum.  Following posts were also helpful in making my decision: here and here. Plus, I went to BestBuy and tried a tablet before purchasing.

Now when I have used the tablet for more than 10 months, I am in a better position to answer this question. One can write on a tablet with the same precision as with a 0.5 mm pencil on paper. Note-taking on a tablet is really a breeze.

2) How different is the feel of a stylus on tablet as compared to the feel of a pen on paper?

Well, I could not feel any difference. Infact I like the feel of the stylus on tablet better than that of pen and paper. 

3) How rugged is the table in comparision to a laptop?

I have used my tablet roughly and it has never given me any problem.

I hope this post alleviates few concerns of new tablet enthusiasts.

Rohit Aggarwal


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