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April 12, 2007

Sony’s cool OLED displays at less than 1cm thick

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Gizmodo aptly starts the coverage about this display with this-Look and yearn folks.

Look and yearn folks. This here is Sony‘s new OLED display. It’s an obscene 9mm thick yet it packs a 1080p resolution along with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Just as a recap, OLED displays are thinner and brighter than their LCD counterparts and they suck up less power.

Gizmodo has two pictures of such displays- one is high density and 9mm thick whereas the other one is not high density but, amazingly, 3mm thick. Just to give you idea, Apple Ipod Nano is .26″ or 6.604 mm (1″=25.4mm, if I remember correctly from my undergrad class) thick.


I am amazed with this whole OLED concept. Wikipedia has a nice explanation about this technology. However, there is a caveat against using OLED displays that I think should be mentioned (Wikipedia):

The biggest technical problem left to overcome has been the limited lifetime of the organic materials. Particularly, blue OLEDs typically have lifetimes of around 5,000 hours when used for flat panel displays, which is lower than typical lifetimes of LCD or Plasma technology. However, recent experimentation has shown that it’s possible to swap the chemical component for a phosphorescent one, if the subtle differences in energy transitions are accounted for, resulting in lifetimes of up to 20,000 hours for blue PHOLEDs.

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