Rohit Aggarwal

July 14, 2007

Blog, Blogger and the Firm: an Analysis of Firm Policies

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I submitted this paper (post heading) to an A level journal few months back. Link to this paper on SSRN is here.

I also received a funding from Networks, Electronic Commerce and Telecommunications (“NET”) Institute to complete this project.

Prof. Gopal and Prof. Sanakaranarayanan are co-authors on this paper. Now when this paper has reached half way to its final destination, I have started working on the other papers of my dissertation. The journey to this submission was full of challenges and fun. I learnt a lot of econometrics to complete the analysis in this paper. An earlier version of this paper was presented in WITS 2006 and since then a lot of improvements have been made in this paper. My experience at WITS was great and I received good feedback on this paper. Based on the feedback, this paper has incorporated several substantive improvements, which include:

1) Endogeneity and Unobserved heterogeneity concerns are addressed;
2) Stability of estimates has been checked with and without control variables;
3) Illustration of policy implementation;
4) Number of observations analyzed is increased from 182 to 1001;
5) Additional competing econometric specifications have been considered;
6) Multicollinearity concerns for interaction term have been addressed; and
7) Theoretical explanation is much more elaborate and discusses how our approach is different from and adds to the current literature.If you have any suggestions on this paper, then please drop me an

Rohit Aggarwal


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