Rohit Aggarwal

October 25, 2007

MIT OPEN COURSEWARE- Free Online Courses

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Today I accidently came across this site and got very impressed. It is good to know that some of my peer academicians are trying to serve society without any expectation of gain. Teaching is a noble cause but teaching to underprivileged is even better. Right now I am super busy, hence I can participate only by monetary contribution. I made a small donation and wish I could have written a bigger cheque, but I am a poor PhD student who is looking for a job. Once I am little settled as a Professor, I would certainly contribute to the site by both teaching and writing bigger cheques.

Since every dollar counts so please open your wallets and DONATE to this noble cause.

P.S. Concern about the quality of courses: I checked for Econometrics and the text book for the course is Introductory Econometrics by Prof. Wooldridge. This is one of the best textbooks at the undergrad level. Recitations on the course site is like icing on the cake. Based on the material discussed I feel the quality of the course is no less than Econometrics 1 that I took in UConn.

Update: “OCW is a free publication of course materials used at MIT.” I missed this part that’s why it is called MIT OCW. I guess, quality of this material has to be good.


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