Rohit Aggarwal

December 24, 2007

IS academic job market for 2008

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This year job market for tenure track faculty position in Information Systems is good. The job market has not been good since the dot com bubble burst. Looking at the discouraging market over all these years,  job candidates applied to even those schools where they most likely would not go. For example, I know candidates who have publications in MISQ and ISR but still they applied to pure teaching schools with no AACSB accredition. Looking at the job market it is easy to see that such candidates would end up in good research schools.

But the interesting part is many recruiting schools do not realize this and they believe that they can pick the top candidates of the market. So I compiled the following list of research schools in the market for a reality check.

Wharton 1
Minnesota 1
UC Irvine 1
Univesity of Rochester 1
Maryland 1
Indiana University 1
University of Arkansas 1
UT Dallas 1
Clemson Univ 1
University of Connecticut 1
Boston College 1
Hong Kong University of Science & Tech 1
National University of Singapore 1
University of Calgary 2
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 2
Iowa State University 1
Temple University 1
University of Utah 1
Case Western Reserve 1
Virginia Tech 1
Boston University 1
Total 28

Note:- Universities are not in any order and this is not an exhaustive list.


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