Rohit Aggarwal

January 17, 2008

OPIM 204 Schedule

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Tentative Schedule (subject to change)

Update: As promised, I have posted the questions and answers of quiz 3 and quiz 4.

Date Quizzes Topic Chapter Assignments Slides, Other Material
23-Jan   Introduction to OM Ch. 1 Solved Problems (SP) Sl, Ex
28-Jan Operations Strategy Ch. 2 SP of Module A Sl
30-Jan Decision Analysis Module A A.16, A.19 Ex
04-Feb Quiz 1 Forecasting Ch. 4 SP Sl
06-Feb     Quiz
11-Feb   Capacity Planning Supp. Ch. 7 SP of Ch 7. Supp. & Ch. 7 Sl, Ex
13-Feb Class Cancelled due to weather
18-Feb   Facilities Layout Ch. 9 SP Sl
20-Feb Quiz 2 Location Strategies Ch. 8    
25-Feb   Review      
27-Feb   First Exam Theory QuestionsExtra Problems  
03-Mar   Project Management Ch. 3 SP, 3.6 Sl
05-Mar   Project Management Ch. 3
17-Mar   Normal Distribution,   How to
find probability?
to find a point?
19-Mar   No Class  
24-Mar   Statistical Process Control S.6 S1, S4, S5  
26-Mar  Quiz 3 Supply Chain Ch. 11   Quiz 3
31-Mar   Simulation Module F SP  No, F13
02-Apr Quiz 4 JIT & Maintenance/Reliability Ch. 16 &17 Ex3, SP17.2 Quiz 4
07-Apr   Linear Programming Module B    
09-Apr   Second Exam Theory Questions  
14-Apr   Linear Programming Module B Module B
16-Apr   Transportation Models Module C Module C
21-Apr Quiz 5 Aggregate Planning Ch. 13 Quiz 5  Module C 
23-Apr   Inventory Management Ch. 12 Regression; Regression 2 Regression 3
28-Apr   Inventory Management Coefficient Interpretation 
30-Apr Quiz 6  Waiting Line Models Module D Quiz 6
05-May   Review      

10-May   Final Exam  Room 204 1-3 PM  Regression 

Disclaimer: – I reserve the right to modify the course schedule at any time during the course.


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