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February 28, 2006

Good work Microsoft- Origami

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Mr. Robert Scoble of Microsoft briefs about Origami project at Microsoft. Sounds very interesting but seems something like OQO to me. But I can be wrong because haven’t gone through details of the product.

Mr. Scoble points to this article on Origami. 

I love Microsoft! 

Rohit Aggarwal



Social Networking panel at Wharton

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Mr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger describes his experience on the Social Networking panel discussion at Wharton Technology Conference.

Seems interesting!

Rohit Aggarwal

February 25, 2006

Stats about work related blogging

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Mr. Dave Johnson of Sun points to a survey which says:

Of the employees polled who work for a company with a blogging policy:

  • 62% say the policy prohibits posting any employer-related information
  • 60% say the policy discourages employees from criticizing or making negative comments against the employer
  • 58% say the regulations deal with all blogging regardless of content.

Thanks to him, because these are very relevant stats for my research paper.

Rohit Aggarwal

Problems with SQL databases for Internet-scale applications

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A very good compilation by Mr. Dare Obasanjo of Microsoft.

Rohit Aggarwal

Financial times on MMO

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I recently got exposed to MMO existence and now I see this post of Mr. John Dowdell of Adobe.


Rohit Aggarwal

Power of blogging, free server from SUN

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Mr. Jonathan Schwartz of Sun declared the free server offer to bloggers,

 We were also serious about the following: if you write a blog that fairly assesses the machine’s performance (positively or negatively), send us a pointer, we’re likely to let you keep the machine.

 Can somebody argue on the power of blogging?

Rohit Aggarwal

Pointer to: Highly targeted AJAX advertising

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Mr. Alex Barnett of Microsoft writes about the misplaced advertisement. In this he gives example of Ajax pharmaceutical product’s ad placed under tag of Web 2.0.

I have seen this so many times and completely agree with him when he says,

Context is everything.”

Rohit Aggarwal

Still a happy user of a Tablet

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Now, when I have been using my new Tablet over a month, I am in a better position to comment on its performance.

I would say that I am extremely satisfied from my purchase.:-) Thanks to Gateway and Microsoft for making such a great product. It has completely changed my study habits. I use paper only when I have to submit my assignments.

When I was contemplating to purchase a tablet, my biggest concerns were the precision and ease.  I hardly feel any difference in writing over the tablet.

My only complain with my tablet is that its latch is not good and the screen will easily open even during lock mode.

Rohit Aggarwal

NCSU chooses Roller for student blogs

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Mr. Dave Johnson of Sun posted that North Carolina State University is getting on Roller. Hmmm. I wish if my Uni- University of Connecticut (UConn), also follows the precedent.

by Rohit Aggarwal

February 19, 2006

Pointer to:Attention engines – screencast

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Good post by Mr. Alex Barnett of Microsoft.

“I created a quick screencast to show what I mean by the term ‘Attention Engines‘.”

by Rohit Aggarwal

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