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January 27, 2007

South Park Make love not warcraft

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You got to see this video to feel the craze of World of Warcraft. I am totally amazed. How can a game be so addictive? No wonder why they are doing so well.

” WORLD OF WARCRAFT SURPASSES 8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS WORLDWIDE  —  Player population in North America now exceeds 2 million, while Europe and China pass the 1.5 million player and 3.5 million player marks, respectively  —  Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that World of Warcraft® …


Hey wait, is this the craze of WOW that is driving higher subscription or is it the higher subscription that is increasing the craze of WOW. Hmmm there is an endogeneity problem in the statement. What am I talking? May be I should get some sleep and stop reading too much Econometrics. 🙂

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January 21, 2007

Importance of negative blogging

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How many times have you seen a CEO of company such as Sun admitting to a failure that is pointed out by a small start-up developer?

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun, is surely one such example. He writes the following in one of his posts:

“And before you send me the email, yes, I saw the entry written by Matt Mullenweg – and all I can say is… I’m really sorry, Matt. That’s not the way Startup Essentials is supposed to work. We screwed up, and you’re completely right to suggest if that’s the norm, we should kiss goodbye our aspirations of reestablishing our business in the startup community.

If there’s anything I can do to win a second chance, I’d like to know….”

Now, I ask you a question- Why does he need to give importance to this issue or admit this mistake?

I will try to explain the answer from two perspectives- Marketing, and Cognitive Psychology


The answer is ‘credibility’. Now in the next post if Jonathan claims that Sun’s product A is better than that of competition, a reader is more likely to believe him. Glen Urban has coined term ‘Customer Advocacy’ for this behavior. According to his research, if a recommender besides telling the positive aspects of the product, also admits to the downsides of the product, then customers may find such recommender more credible and trust-worthy. Eventually, the customers are more likely to buy the product and are more likely to talk about their experience to their friends, i.e. may generate more word-of-mouth (WOM) about product.


Readers may not expect Jonathan to admit such failure of Sun. Therefore, according to Information Processing Theory this post may catch more attention of the readers and hence, the readers are more likely to spread a word about his blog. 

The above two perspectives and common wisdom suggests that more readers may flock to Jonathan’s blog due to such post and in the process these readers may read other posts also. Since majority of other posts are in favor of Sun, readers may form overall positive opinion about Sun.

Hence, such a negative post may generate more positive WOM for Sun. This is what I studied in my paper- “Blogs, Bloggers and the Firm: An Analysis of Firm Policies“.

Rohit Aggarwal

January 18, 2007

Netflix – Watch Now

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Online Video market is seeing a lot of action nowadays. Good for customers. It will be interesting to see the reaction of competitors such as Amazon’s Unbox, Walmart and especially, Blockbuster.

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch covers this new offering of Netflix

Netflix, I Was Just Kidding About Breaking Up With You  —  Last month I wrote a post called “Why I Am Breaking Up With Netflix” that outlined the reasons I was switching to BlockBuster’s Total Access after years as a loyal Netflix customer.  BlockBuster’s new offering, which basically turns every mailed movie

Let’s see what Netflix itself has to say about its service

NETFLIX OFFERS SUBSCRIBERS THE OPTION OF INSTANTLY WATCHING MOVIES ON THEIR PCs  —  New Feature Will be Included in Subscribers’ Monthly Membership  —  at no Extra Charge and Will Have a Phased Roll-Out Over Next Six Months  —  Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX), the world’s largest online movie rental service”

New York Times also covers the story

Netflix to Deliver Movies to the PC  —  Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, lists more than five dozen personalities whose obituaries were published prematurely.  Someone may want to add Netflix to that list.  —  The impending death of the company, with its online system for renting DVDs delivered by mail

via Techmeme

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January 17, 2007

OPIM 204 schedule

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Schedule (subject to change)

Date Quizzes Topic Chapter Assignments Slides, Other Material
17-Jan   Introduction to OM Ch. 1 Solved Problems (SP) Sl,
22-Jan Operations Strategy Ch. 2 SP of Module A
24-Jan Decision Analysis Module A A.16, A.19 No,
29-Jan Quiz 1 Forecasting Ch. 4 SP
31-Jan   " "   Quiz
5-Feb   Capacity Planning Supp. Ch. 7 SP of Ch 7. Supp. & Ch. 7
7-Feb   Facilities Layout Ch. 9 SP
12-Feb Quiz 2 Location Strategies Ch. 8    
14-Feb   Review      
19-Feb   First Exam
Theory Questions

Extra Problems

21-Feb   Project Management Ch. 3 SP, 3.6
26-Feb   Class Cancelled  
Class Excercise

28-Feb   Project Management Ch. 3    
12-Mar   Normal Distribution   How to
find probability?
to find a point?
14-Mar Quiz 3 Statistical Process Control S.6 S1, S4, S5  
19-Mar   Simulation Module F SP
21-Mar   Supply Chain Ch. 11   F13
26-Mar Quiz 4 JIT & Maintenance/Reliability Ch. 16 &17 Ex3, SP17.2 Quiz
28-Mar   Linear Programming Module B    
2-Apr   Second Exam Theory Questions  
4-Apr   Linear Programming Module B B30
LP Class 1
9-Apr   Transportation Models Module C

11-Apr Quiz 5 Aggregate Planning Ch. 13
Coefficient Interpretation
16-Apr   Inventory Management Ch. 12
Regression 2

Regression 3
18-Apr Quiz 6 " "
Inventory Management
23-Apr   Waiting Line Models Module D Quiz
25-Apr   Review      

Disclaimer: – I reserve the right to modify the course schedule at any time during the course.

Operations Management- OPIM 204

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Office Hours: Anytime (I am in the office typically from 11-7PM) or email me for an appointment

Office: BUSN 407


Phone: 860-486-6485 (shared line)

Description: Operations Management (OM) can be viewed as the central functional component of any business organization, governing the transformation of resources or inputs (materials, machines, labor, and capital) into outputs (products and services). The focus of OM is to produce high quality output at low cost, while interacting with the other functional components of the business organization (marketing, financing, and human resources) to achieve company goals.

With the advent of the Internet, e-commerce, and global-sourcing, it is becoming more and more difficult for a company to maintain a competitive-advantage based on location, access to local resources, and retailing services. Modern businesses must instead base their ability to compete and generate profit on the systematic management of resources, and on their ability to produce quality output more efficiently than competitors. In recent years this pursuit has developed into a science, and a host of quantitative tools and sophisticated software packages are available to the savvy operations manager.


  • To understand the fundamental OM concepts and quantitative tools required for the efficient production of goods and services
  • To understand the usage of OM software for business decision-making, including the accurate interpretation of quantitative business models and software output

Required text: J. Heizer and B. Render. Operations Management. Prentice-Hall, eighth edition.

Computer requirements: A laptop is required for every class meeting. You will need to install the Excel OM Software.


There will be two exams and a non-cumulative final exam.

Homework problems will be assigned and discussed in class but will not be graded. It is however, strongly recommended that each student complete each homework in preparation for the quizzes, which will be graded. These quizzes will be based directly on recent homework assignments and will usually be announced in advance.

Here is the breakdown of how grades will be evaluated:

  • First examination: 25%
  • Second examination: 25%
  • Final examination: 25%
  • Quizzes: 25%

January 14, 2007

A bully around the corner- Apple

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Michael Arrington of Techcrunch posts,

Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again  —  Apple has a history of using lawyers against bloggers.  There was the now infamous Think Secret lawsuit, which may have had merit.  But they also engage in clearly superfluous, bullying tactics as well.  In August we received a letter from Apple’s lawyers demanding … “.

BTW, I do not think I will ever buy Apple’s iPhone (pirated name) unless I can run Microsoft applications on it.

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