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July 23, 2006

coComment – how useful is it?

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I come across coComment via Techcrunch’s post on Techmeme.

It seems good for people who comment a lot, but I don’t see myself using it. I like the idea and am curious to know how coComment performs in future?

 Rohit Aggarwal


July 17, 2006

Qunu – useful or useless?

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I tried Qunu today. I searched for experts in “MS Sql” and found the following search results.


Marcel van der Boom

system engineer


 I tried contacting each one of them twice but none of them established a connection. The time was 9.11 am Monday.

It will be better if they can tell the reason for failure to establish connection.

I hope this is not the trend in every search result or Qunu is in trouble. 

Rohit Aggarwal

July 14, 2006

Good work by Dell corporate blog- one2one

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Many prominent bloggers have posted their opinions about the launch of Dell’s corporate blog. Here are the few: Robert Scoble, Steve Rubel, Jeff Jarvis, etc.

Since its launch I was wondering, when will it discuss Dell’s customer service and here it is.

 This is a good post, though at times the tone is sarcastic:

Many times we’re helping customers with stuff they didn’t even buy from Dell.  And you want the dell dude (or dudette) that you talk/chat with to be friendly, patient, empathetic and, above all else, knowledgeable about you and your problem.  Oh… and did I mention that you want it to be fast and easy?  “
I think many people can get offended with this tone and it should be avoided.  

Rohit Aggarwal

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