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August 30, 2006

Windows Live QnA

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Yesterday Windows Live QnA beta was launched. Their tagging system for questions and the reputation score mechanism looks decent.

via Techmeme

Rohit Aggarwal


August 29, 2006

HP adapter can be used for Gateway laptop or tablet

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I recently bought a power adapter for my tablet, Gateway CX200. I bought this 90W adapter with power output of 19V ~ 4.74A not from Gateway, but from HP . Its lead is not a perfect match to the tablet but it fits good enough. I have been using this from last week and it works fine. So if you want to save roughly 35-40 bucks then purchase HP adapter from eBay, instead of a Gateway one.

Rohit Aggarwal

August 28, 2006

Can spam emails affect stock price?

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A study by Professor Laura Frieder of Purdue University in the US and Professor Jonathan Zittrain from Oxford University reveals that that “a spammer who bought shares the day before starting an e-mail campaign and then sold them the day after could make a return on his or her investment of 4.9%.”- reported by BBC via Techmeme

Hmmm, if spam emails can affect then why can not blogs? 

Rohit Aggarwal

August 25, 2006

Launch of IE7

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IE blog yesterday declared the launch of IE7 RC1.

Another advantage of having corporate blogs- helps in spreading the word about your new products.

Rohit Aggarwal

Vista – Protected HD content support

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There were some speculations regarding Vista’s support for protected HD content.

Windows Vista blog clarified it and refutes the speculations.

This again shows the importance of having corporate blogs. Now how it works in comparison to press releases, that is the natural question to study.


Rohit Aggarwal

August 23, 2006

Interesting example of Social Networks- socialPicks

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socialPicks is a community for stock market investors.

The interesting part to me is the reputation mechanism of this site. Can an investor trust the reputation of a person on this site and follow his advice?

ding ding ding, potential research topic.

via Techcrunch

HTML color codes

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Color Codes is a good site for color codes both in Hexadecimal and RGB format.

Rohit Aggarwal

August 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer rocks!

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There may be many blog writers on the net, but Windows Live Writer is the only one I tried.

I wrote the last post with it and found it useful.

Good work Microsoft!

Rohit Aggarwal

Tip for setting up alert on ABI/INFORM

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‘Set Up alert’ is a nice option in ABI/INFORM to get intimation about new editions of Journals. But if you are setting an alert for too many journals then it can be tricky. Here are few things that I find useful:

If you want to set alert for  – Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Information Systems Research, …etc. then you have two options:

=> you can write in a single text box, for example “Journal of Marketing Research” or “Marketing Science” or…   and choose publication title in the drop box.

=> you can add rows and in each row, you can add journal name and choose publication title in the drop box. Remember to choose “or” option from the extreme left drop down list.

Another thing to watch out is wrong results. For example, even though you enter Marketing science in quotes ABI/INFORM will give you results from “Academy of Marketing Science”. To deal with this problem choose “and not” option from the extreme left drop down list and put all such names in the text box.

Figure: Screenshot from Search Page of ABI/INFORM

Rohit Aggarwal

August 6, 2006

3D Printers : Miracles of technology

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WSJ article 3D Printers Reshape World of Copying describes the various applications of 3D printers.

On Googling I came across the successful usage of this technology by Timberland.

 I see a lot of potential in the usage of 3D printers in India. If I have the money I would have come up with a business plan of doing job work for various businesses on such printers.

Rohit Aggarwal

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