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September 27, 2012

Putting Money Where the Mouths Are: The Relation Between Venture Financing and Electronic Word-of-Mouth

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Forthcoming: Information Systems Research (ISR)

To get Full Paper click here: PuttingMoneyWhereMouthsAre


External financing is critical to ventures that do not have a revenue source but need to recruit employees, develop products, pay suppliers, and market their products/services. There is an increasing belief among entrepreneurs that electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM), specifically blog coverage, can aid in achieving venture capital financing. Conflicting findings reported by past studies examining eWOM make it unclear what to make of such beliefs of entrepreneurs. Even if there were generally agreed-upon results, a stream of literature indicates that because of the differences in traits between the prior investigated contexts and venture capital financing, the findings from the prior studies cannot be generalized to venture capital financing. Extant studies also fall short in examining the role of time and the status of entities generating eWOM in determining the influence of eWOM on decision making. To address this dearth of literature in a context that attracts billions of dollars every year, we investigate the effect of eWOM on venture capital financing. This study entails the challenging task of gathering data from hundreds of ventures along with other sources including VentureXpert, surveys, Google Blogsearch, Lexis-Nexis, and

The key findings of our econometric analysis are that the impact of negative eWOM is greater than is the impact of positive eWOM and that the effect of eWOM on financing decreases with the progress through the financing stages. We also find that the eWOM of popular bloggers helps ventures in getting higher funding amounts and valuations. The empirical model used in this work accounts for inherent selection biases of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and we conduct numerous robustness checks for potential issues of endogeneity, selection bias, nonlinearities, and popularity cutoff for blogs. The findings have important implications for entrepreneurs and suggest ways by which entrepreneurs can take advantage of eWOM.

October 11, 2011

Blog, Blogger, and the Firm: Can Negative Posts by Employees Lead to Positive Outcomes?

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Forthcoming: Information Systems Research  

Get full paper here: BlogBloggerAndTheFirm


Consumer generated media, particularly blogs, can help companies in increasing the visibility of their products without spending millions of dollars in advertising. While a number of companies realize the potential of blogs and encourage their employees to blog; a good chunk of them are skeptical about losing control over to this new media. Companies fear that employees may write negative things about them and this may bring significant reputation loss. Overall, companies show mixed response towards negative posts on employee blogs- some companies show complete aversion, while others show resilience towards negative posts. Such mixed reactions towards negative posts motivated us to probe for any positive aspects of negative posts. In particular, we investigate the relationship between negative posts and readership of an employee blog.
In contrast to the popular perception, our results reveal a potential positive aspect of negative posts. Our analysis suggests that negative posts act as catalyst and can exponentially increase the readership to employee blogs, and suggests that there is some merit to thinking of resilience towards negative posts. Since employees typically write few negative posts and largely write positive posts, the increase in readership to employee blogs generally should be enough to offset the negative effect of few negative posts on employee blogs. Therefore, not restraining few negative posts to increase readership should be a good strategy for the start. This raises a logical question, what should be a firm’s policy regarding employee blogging? For exposition, we suggest an analytical framework using our empirical model to answer this question.

April 25, 2010

TalkValley Professional Demo

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Following demo illustrates one of the applications of  TalkValley:

Rohit Aggarwal

January 6, 2010

What Paypal doesn’t tell you?

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This post is to explain the pseudo assurance that eBay or Paypal gives you.

“Pay with  and your full purchase price is covered |See terms

You see the above assurance on ebay and felt safe to purchase an item. You wait for many days but your item never arrives. Getting apprehensive you try reaching out to the seller. He never responds to your messages. After getting frustrated you test the above statement and later gets pointed to the following policy.

What if PayPal makes a final decision in my favor?
If PayPal makes a final decision in your favor, we will collect any available funds in the seller’s PayPal balance
at that time. However, recovery is not guaranteed and is limited only to the amounts that PayPal can recover from the seller’s Account. Any amounts collected from the seller will be placed in your Account.

The point is that in case a seller commits fraud and never sends you the item, you can not do much about it. Fraudulent sellers are not going to leave any money in their Paypal account. So ebay and Paypal will only apologize to you and you will not get any dime back. :-(

I don’t recommend using debit card for paying an eBay purchase. With credit card hopefully you can still file a chargeback against Paypal and get your money back.


August 5, 2009

TalkValley Celebrity Demo

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Following demo illustrates one of the applications of  TalkValley:

May 22, 2009

jQuery Calendar date time picker

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I came across this very cool jQuery based date time picker. There were some bugs initially in this code, but the owner of this blog (Dan) is a very helpful person.  On my request he fixed the issues and sent me the updated code. 

I have tested it on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and it works on all.  For trying this awesome date-time picker click here

Here is the picture of this picker:

jQuery date time picker

jQuery date time picker



Rohit Aggarwal

February 5, 2009

PHP Functions for parsing data

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function html2text($document){
        $search = array(‘@<script[^>]*?>.*?</script>@si’,  // Strip out javascript
                                   ‘@<[\/\!]*?[^<>]*?>@si’,            // Strip out HTML tags
                                   ‘@<style[^>]*?>.*?</style>@siU’,    // Strip style tags properly
                                   ‘@<![\s\S]*?–[ \t\n\r]*>@’        // Strip multi-line comments including CDATA
        $text = preg_replace($search, ”, $document);
        return $text;

function getrequired($iugl,$csn,$csen){
        if ($csn!=”){
                if (preg_match(“/$csn/”,$iugl)){
                        if ($csen!=”){
                        return trim($iulast);
                }else {return “XX”;}
                if ($csen!=”){
                        return trim($iulast);
                }else {return “XX”;}

January 14, 2009

VPN client for University of Utah

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If you are looking for a VPN client for University of Utah then the link is here and the details on that page are:

The VPN client software is available at no cost for the following operating systems:

Pick the client according to your system and enjoy the online books at Safari. You will need your university ID and password to download the client.  I would have liked to download the clients and give direct links to my students; but that would have violated University policy because even the download is password protected.


An alternative solution to access library’s databases are:

UNID ID and password.

Assistant Professor
Operations and Information Systems
David Eccles School of Business
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT-84112
Off. No.-  +1-…

January 13, 2009

IS 6471 Spring 2009

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You can find the Course Syllabus here. Please do not miss your readings because that will hurt you in a quiz badly. 
I have invested a substantial amount of time and energy in inviting good speakers in each session of the class. I believe this would make the class all the more interesting. Following is the schedule of the speakers for this class: 




·         Guest Presentation on “Web 2.0 & Internet Marketing”: Mr. Anthony Ha,

·         Course Introduction, Requirements, and Policies

·         Web 2.0 marketing-Marketing using Social networks, Blogs







·         Guest Presentation (Webinar) on “SOA & Web2.0”: Ms. Sandy Carter, IBM VP SOA & WebSphere Strategy, Channels & Marketing; Author- The New Language of Business: SOA & Web 2.0 ; Author- The New Language of Marketing 2.0

·         Quiz 1 (SOA & Web 2.0; Readings-TBA)

·         Group-Presentations: Twitter, Causecast, Slide



·         Guest Presentation on “Virtualization & Cloud Computing”: Mr. Alan Chhabra, Egenera Director Public Sector

·         Quiz 2 (Virtualization, Cloud Computing; Readings-TBA)

·         Group-Presentations: Basekit, Coghead, Friendfeed


·         Guest Presentation on “Privacy Breach Cost”: Mr. Thomas C. Bell- Partner at Perkins Coie LLP

·         Quiz 3 (Topics & Readings-TBA)

·         Group-Presentations: Wikipedia, Cake Financial, eSwarm


·         Guest Presentation on “Open Source Model”: Mr. Roy Rubin, Founder and CEO at Varien, CEO at Magento

·         Quiz 4 (Topics & Readings-TBA)

·         Group-Presentations: Drupal, SugarCRM, Moodle

·         Individual business case analysis submission



Rohit Aggarwal

IS 6470 Spring 2009

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You can find the Course Syllabus here. Please do not miss your readings because that will hurt you in a quiz badly. 
I have invested a substantial amount of time and energy in inviting good guest-speakers in each session of the class. I hope this would make the class all the more interesting. Following is the schedule of the speakers for this class:




·         Guest Presentation on “SMS Gateways and SMS Payments”: Mr. Vahid Sedghi, VP Technical Services at

·         Course Introduction, Requirements, and Policies

·         Overview of Electronic Commerce

·         Group- discussion (Fixed price product selling platforms: Amazon, BetterWorldBooks, Buy, Newegg, Bestbuy, Circuitcity)


·         Guest Presentation on “VoIP based Telephony Platform”: Mr. Mark Spencer, Creator of Asterisk, Chairman & CTO at

·         Quiz 1 (Ch. 1-3)

·         Group-Presentations: Ribbit, WhosOn, Kasamba


·         Guest Presentation on “Patents as a way of IP Protection”: Mr. Randall B. Bateman, Founder of Bateman IP Law Group

·         Quiz 2 (Ch. 4-6)

·         Group-Presentations: Swoopo, eLance, Keen


·         Guest Presentation on “Software as a Service, with focus on SAAS based CRM”: Mr. Raju Vegesan, CEO at

·         Quiz 3 (Ch. 7-9)

·         Group-Presentations: Salesforce, Payoneer, eFresh


·         Guest Presentation on “Web Analytics”: Mr. Chris Parkin, Senior director Genesis Solutions for Omniture

·         Quiz 4 (Ch. 10-12)

·         Group-Presentations: Amazon Mechanical Turk, Causecast, Pubmatic

·         Individual business case analysis submission

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