Rohit Aggarwal

January 6, 2010

What Paypal doesn’t tell you?

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This post is to explain the pseudo assurance that eBay or Paypal gives you.

“Pay with  and your full purchase price is covered |See terms

You see the above assurance on ebay and felt safe to purchase an item. You wait for many days but your item never arrives. Getting apprehensive you try reaching out to the seller. He never responds to your messages. After getting frustrated you test the above statement and later gets pointed to the following policy.

What if PayPal makes a final decision in my favor?
If PayPal makes a final decision in your favor, we will collect any available funds in the seller’s PayPal balance
at that time. However, recovery is not guaranteed and is limited only to the amounts that PayPal can recover from the seller’s Account. Any amounts collected from the seller will be placed in your Account.

The point is that in case a seller commits fraud and never sends you the item, you can not do much about it. Fraudulent sellers are not going to leave any money in their Paypal account. So ebay and Paypal will only apologize to you and you will not get any dime back. 😦

I don’t recommend using debit card for paying an eBay purchase. With credit card hopefully you can still file a chargeback against Paypal and get your money back.



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