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September 30, 2008

Venture Capitalists’ (VCs’) visits

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I am very excited that I was able to get the following VCs as guest speakers:

Feb 12, Thursday – Wayne Cantwell

March 4, Wednesday- Ashmeet Sidana

March 31, Tuesday- David Hornik

April 15, Wednesday- Anurag Chandra

April 29, Wednesday- Tim Draper


I have scheduled all the talks between 4.45-5.45PM as there are no classes at this time. I initially approached these VCs for guest lectures in my MBA class. Realizing that other students would also be interested, I have organized these talks at the school level.


These VCs fund IT related ventures and it would be interesting to know their perspectives on emerging technologies. I believe it is a great opportunity for students to bridge the gap between class room teaching and the real world of private equity financing. 

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