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June 3, 2006

Tutorial on WordPress

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This is a good tutorial on via Techmeme.

This article discusses the following:

  • How to install new templates ("themes") or make your own
  • How all the various template files fit together
  • How to navigate the PHP code that pulls in content (even if you don't know much about PHP)
  • Where to find WordPress plug-ins  
  • Thanks to Mr. Ziegler.

    Rohit Aggarwal 


    June 2, 2006

    Ask’s new blog and feed search

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    Ask explains some of the features on its blog. Searchenginewatch has a nice review about this new search feature. I like the following passage:

    "This means Ask doesn't have to guess whether a web page or feed is actually relevant, as subscribers have already "tagged" the content as something they want to read in Bloglines. In addition, the service can use the number of subscribers to a particular blog as a proxy for popularity—something that's comparatively difficult for other blog search services, since links to individual blog posts don't necessarily equate to the overall popularity of a blog on an ongoing basis."

    I liked it because this is the way I calculate the popularity of a blogger in my paper.  

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